My name is Randal, as you already know, because it is everywhere on this site.

BIRTHDAY: The Nones of March, seventeen years ago.
PLACE OF ORIGIN: Somewhere on the coast of the Northeast
ALIASES: Randy, Kepler, capitalistboyfriend, keplerwv
I have a lot of free time on my hands as someone who lives a very isolated lifestyle, and the times I'm not grocery shopping or taking pretty photos while grocery shopping (generally my only excursions),
I typically spend it on useless things like playing video games, collecting things, listening to podcasts, or going on walks, instead of anything that will benefit my life long-term.
I take a large liking to the little things: Breakfast, errands, and being contendedly drenched in the rain, among other things. This aspect of myself is a large motivator for my photography (if I'm allowed to call it that, yet), and I aim to show others the beauty that I see in the mundane.
I take a lot of photos in my hometown, obviously because I live there, but I also like to document things.
HOBBIES: Photography, running errands
FAVORITE BAND: Car Seat Headrest
FAVORITE PODCAST: The Adventure Zone

Before getting into taking pictures, I got my start in taking videos. I have about a year and a half of unused footage, documenting my day-to-day life, and framing it artistically to convey it from my perspective. I'm not sure if I'll ever do anything with all the footage, because my laptop can't really play .mp4 files, but it was a good learning experience that has ultimately made taking photos come incredibly naturally to me. Not that I personally think it takes skill, actually, or for you to have anything that "comes naturally", but a camera feels at home in my hands.


Aside from all that, I have had a homepage for nearly two years now. I called my first homepage "Thy Website of Homepagery," and if you are an avid Randal knower, you may have seen it! It's still up. I'm not sure I'll ever take it down.
Since I started, I have always taken a large liking to the "old web" style. Back in the day, other Neocities sites were at first my sole inspiration for these pages, and I admire the community very much. Also, I am not very knowledgeable with HTML and CSS, so this is a good thing, because it is very easy to make simple, vintage looking pages. I really enjoy the look of them, mostly because of the simplicity. Not too cluttered, nice little graphics, classic background tiles.

LIKED AESTHETICS: Nature themes, nautical themes, old web style graphics, 2000s/2010s technology, clock symbolism, fog symbolism,
WEBMASTER SINCE: December 2021

Other things I like to do include go thrift shopping, enjoy seasonal foods, attempt to play the piano or my keytar, go to Trader Joe's, create elaborate collage art and poetry out of the Trader Joe's circular, journaling, listening to the radio, cooking, try to give meaning to my very boring life by pretending that any of this has substance, and standing alone in the rain while contendedly listening to music.
I've been thinking of getting into baking, but I've always been genuinely terrible at it.
I also like playing with old game systems. I have a modded 3DS, and I've been playing on my old PS2 lately by taking advantage of a neat little memory card that does most of the work for you.
I do play modern stuff, though. I have a Switch, which is typically my go-to system, and really the only other place I play games.

FAVORITE FAST FOOD CHAIN: Taco Bell (INTERESTING RANDY FACT: In 2022, I ate Taco Bell around 70 times.)
RECENTLY ENJOYING THE ALBUMS...: Seven Swans and Michigan by Sufjan Stevens
KEYTAR MODEL: Yamaha SHS-10 in silver

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