My Electronics Collection


I never actually began consciously collecting electronics. One day, I just realized that I have a large amount of them, of all different types.

Over the years, I've gotten my hands on a plethora of neat little machines.
I have several computers (technically), several (musical) keyboards, a keytar, two tape decks, two dictaphones, an S-VHS camera that I am scared to use because the power bank makes my terribly wired 70's house lights flicker and it made a loud noise last time I put a tape into it, a DVD vcr, a DVD/VHS combo vcr (AMAZING find, for FREE because my sister got it for me), three film cameras, two DSLRs, a camcorder, a Sony mini dvd Handicam that has no battery or cord so I can't turn it on and it's been sitting in my closet since like December, a radio with cd and cassette functions, a portable cassette player/radio, a shitty record player, a few microphones, a drawing tablet, two HORRIBLE Samsung smart televisions from HELL, a dvd player monitor, two computer monitors, two CD players, a white PS2 slim, a Nintendo Switch, an XBOX 360 and XBOX 1(s? or x? Not sure, we use it to watch TV.), a 3DS XL, a DS Lite, a Gameboy Advance (handmedown), a Wacom Intuos Pro drawing tablet, a Wii (never used it personally, it's secondhand), a missing PS3, and uhh, god, I think that's most of it. I'll be doing dedicated sections on this page for ALL of the stuff I listed above! It will take me some time, though. I might just do it tomorrow. I just wanted to have this page up and to write a list of my machines. I might change it. It's kind of hideous and doesn't match the rest of the site at all... too harshly colored. -6:35 AM, Wednesday, October 4th, 2023.

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