Fun Stuff

99gifshop, a place to find neat GIFs. It's not very expansive, though.

Online Omnichord, exactly what it sounds like. For those of us too broke to buy a real one, this is kind of fun to play with! I've wanted one since I was 13.

Louie Zong's Homepage. Louie Zong is an LA-based animator, musician, and illustrator. He perfectly conveys the aesthetic I strive for as a fellow enjoyer of the early internet aesthetic, and I strongly admire his works. His art really inspires me. You may know him from his viral "Ghost Duet" animation, but his other stuff is definitely worth looking into!

Dither It!, a web application for adding dithering to images.

Dither Me This, more dithering. GREAT presets.
Gradient Generator, another sweet resource from

The 88x31 GIF collection, By The Cyber Vanguard. A... collection of 88x31 GIFs.

Yout, an ad-free YouTube to mp3/mp4 service.

WordArt, a Microsoft Word style text generator.

Monster Breeder, a browser game by Neil Cicierega (the guy behind Lemon Demon).
"You are a monster breeder.
People have grown tired of the same old scares. The real money is in designer monsters.
By crossbreeding traditional monsters, you can discover exciting NEW creeps and fiends, never before imagined.
So let's go breed some monsters!"

Susan's Free Animations, a collection of neat graphics.

iMood, a mood updater for your site., a moon phase widget for your site, as well as plenty of moon phase information, if you're into that.

Mayfield & Co, the homepage for the fiction podcast called "Camp Here & There."
"Camp Here & There is a horror comedy podcast tuned in to the loudspeakers of a small midwestern sleepaway camp plagued by supernatural terrors and natural disasters.
Sydney Sargent, resident camp nurse, cheerfully reports on all the terror we must face with a big smile. Let’s hope there’s nothing weird about that!"

PS2 Data Center, a comprehensive list of PlayStation 2 games and information about them.

3DS Hacks Guide, an in-depth, safe tutorial on how to mod your Nintendo 3DS.

Anthony's Root Beer Barrel, a root beer/birch beer/etc review site.
In Anthony's words, it is "the oldest, largest and frankly the best root beer reviewing site in the world."
This site inspired me a lot when I first saw it over the summer, and I almost started doing root beer reviews because of it. I found it because I was looking up what birch beer was.

A.N. Lucas's Web Lounge, arguably one of my favorite Neocities sites.
A.N. Lucas's 88x31 button collection, here's more buttons.

Pixilart, an ad-free, easy to use pixel art creator. This is good for making 88x31s!

Photopea, an ad-free, in-browser Photoshop alternative. I use this for text assets.

Online Sequencer, an online, ad-free MIDI sequencer.

MelonKing.Net, another favorite site of mine. Closed on Mondays.
"If you have browsed my site at all you'll have seen I have a bit of an obsession with old computers, people ask me all the time why that is. Well to start with they are cool bits of history, however as I have collected them and used them, I have learned that they just work. I mean, you can write on them, make websites, model objects, chat online, make artworks and program. The realisation for me was that, you don't always have to have the newest thing. Whatever you have, if it works, its good enough. Not only that, but the differences, limitations and unique features of older tech often lead to creative and new ideas. (...)
To me its an act of defiance, but a creative one. To make a Neocities site is like saying, Im an individual, I will make my site however I wish, I don't follow everyone else, I will do it my way. Neocities supports this by making it easy to create and edit sites without technical knowledge, by teaching HTML and by protecting people with HTTPS.
Its not just about working on your own though, there is also the community. This is all the other websites that you can visit and follow, you can get ideas, steal code and ask each other for help. (...) You see humans don't work in a vacuum, we need other people to make our lives and work matter." - excerpts I especially like from Melon King's "All About Neocities!", 7/20/2017

Pixel Sea, a MelonKing project for easily searching a database of icon art and 88x31s.
"This is an art project and archive of tiny images collected from around the web!
They have many owners who are mostly lost to time :(
Please use them on your homepage or other e-zone!
These gifs deserve to live and be loved!"

Texture Town, a textures/tiles/backgrounds database. I think this is also a Melon King site, but I may be wrong.

The Car Seat Headrest Bandcamp, I just like this band. You should listen to How to Leave Town.

An archive of (most of) Sweet Tuesday's deleted discography. Poorly written lyrics, and shaky vocals, but a niche favorite of mine since last year. My all time favorites are "Tide" off the album "Long Street," and "It's Only Love" off "Made in Minds Alike."
When they wiped their discography off the face of the earth, I was devastated that I'd never hear Tide again. I really like that song, even if the vocals are, well, shaky and off-key. Imagine my delight upon finding this account. I don't think you should be able to delete music once people are already attached to it. Then, you could get a song stuck in your head, and never once hear it again. Thank god for archivists!
My Adventure Zone OST playlist, my favorite tracks off of the soundtrack for Griffin's main three campaigns. This is the music in the background of this site!

What's for Dinner?, early 2010s surrealism/satire animation by pilotredsun.
hamburger helper, more by pilotredsun.
IPAlien, more by pilotredsun.

Achievement, an amazing, catchy album by pilotredsun. One of my favorite albums of all time.
Eternal (EP), an extended play released under his musical alias "Pilotredsky." He creates very nice, vaguely jittering art in a unique, surrealist style to go along with all of the music he releases. Another amazing EP.

Bugbo, a surreal animated series in the style of '90s/2000's children's educational animations.

The Marzipan Pig (1990), an absurd animated adaptation of a book I never had from my childhood. I think this defined my sense of humor for my entire life.

Dishwashers Explained by Technology Connections. I was really interested when I watched this. I was locked in a room for about 90% of 10 days in February while supervising my cat after getting fixed, and I had absolutely nothing to do the entire time, so maybe that's why it was so interesting to me.

Adventure Time's "Hug Wolf," but the word "hug" is censored, funny.
Buttons I've Made (the CSH one is not very good!)

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